smart living technology More than Just a filter

The StingR® is a highly intelligent, sophisticated system for maintaining the technological balance – so it’s more than just a filter.

Join us on an exciting journey into a new century of industrial production with a focus on the protection of resources and the preservation of our unique living space.


Potential savings
using the StingR®


Space in production


Operating costs


Investment costs

Your benefits
of the patented pneumatic backwash concept

Maximum flexibility Maximum flexibility

Maximum flexibility
Maximum flexibility for process-related

Maximum flexibility for process-related
Filtering due to modular design

Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

100% checking, Industry 4.0,
each dome is individually monitored

Maximum investment Maximum investment

Maximum investment

Maximum investment security due to
precise design for processes down
to 1 µm

Reduction in operating costs Reduction in operating costs

Reduction in operating costs

Reduction in operating costs due to
earliest filter cartridge change after
6 – 24 months

Maximum sustainability Maximum sustainability

Maximum sustainability

Low maintenance, no disposal costs and
therefore maximum sustainability due to
operation without filter aids

Maximum process reliability Maximum process reliability

Maximum process reliability

Highest availability of the filter surface
and guaranteed maximum process

Continuous Continuous


Continuous build up of the filter cake

Extension of the service life Extension of the service life

Extension of the service life

Shortest backwash times (< 9 s), reduction in
agglomeration and significant extension of
the service life

Quick Quick


Filter cartridge change in < 58 seconds

Precise Precise


Precisely fitting filtration

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Explanation of the StingR® plant

Interview: World first in filter technology

functioning of the
StingR® filter unit

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The filter element is flooded with the dirty medium.

The dirt is collected by the filter elements and the filter cake builds up.

The clean medium is immediately available again.

A backwashing by pressure pulse is triggered by a pressure differential, and reactivates the filter surface.

Benefit from your reliable
expert in filter technology

Lehmann-UMT GmbH is a globally operating filter manufacturer and specialises in the filtration of liquids.With over 20 years of experience, we deliver exactly what you need. Our own research and development ensures continuous innovation for efficient and durable products. This means you get the best filter solution for your application. Our specialised and in-house test laboratory will determine the most efficient filter solution for your application. The test bench with a glass dome makes the filtration performance 100% visible for you, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and service life during operation.

Your bottom line:
Highest process reliability with permanent cost reduction.

Many Possible Applications
Our Sectors

The systems can be equipped with different filter technologies from our company based on their specific application:

These are used in a large number of applications in the following industries, for example:

Machine tools – & mechanical engineering Icon Machine tools – & mechanical engineering

Machine tools – & mechanical engineering

We are a long-standing and reliable partner for manufacturers and users of machine tools of all kinds.

Chemical industry Icon Chemical industry

Chemical industry

Together with our customers, we develop special solutions for their production and fields of application in filtration.

Environmental plant engineering Icon Environmental plant engineering

Environmental plant engineering

Through research and development with our environmental technology partners, we create high-end special filtration applications for promising new developments.

Water treatment Icon Water treatment

Water treatment

We supply industrial filtration solutions for manufacturers and users of water treatment plants.

Our services
at a glance

Together with you, we develop a system solution for optimum process reliability and performance.

We make the filtration visible and configure your optimal filtration process.

We train you in the handling of your applications and our products.

Highly qualified technologists and service technicians will be by your side during the commissioning of your system.

Our team of highly qualified engineers and technicians is available around the clock to advise you.

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What our
customers say

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Unique technology
for tailored applications

For millions of years, our world has been surrounded by huge areas of water.
Oceans cover more than two thirds of our planet and are essential for life on earth.

Water is the basis of all life and therefore more precious than gold.
In order to preserve this, a highly intelligent and sophisticated system is needed to maintain the natural balance and thus the habitat of all the species that our earth contains.
Organisms that have been living on the planet for over 800 million years clean and filter these incredible amounts of water every day. Inspired by their unique technology, we at Lehmann-UMT research and develop sustainable solutions, among other things in the field of ultra-sensitive filter technology, thus ensuring that our resources are conserved and that this world is preserved in the form we know it.

StingR® … smart living technology

Litres per minute


m² of filter surface area

Possible applications

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